Marriage Ministry


Our pre-marital class is a transformative 8-week premarital course designed for engaged soon to be engaged couples. Gain wisdom and expert counsel in a safe, fun, and authentic environment, equipping you for a strong and fulfilling marriage journey together.

Who: Engaged or soon to be engaged couples
When: Monday Nights 6:30-8:00PM (Aug 19- Oct 7)
Where: Room A103
What: Premarital Counseling

Cost: $70.00/Couple


Young Marrieds

Our young marrieds class is an 8 month (2 semester) course designed for couples in thier first 1-4 years of marriage, to build a strong foundation for a Godly thriving marriage. Learn how to build a life toghether rooted in shared values creating common goals, forging a foundation of trust and devotion to sustain you through all life's challenges.

Who: Couples in years 1-4 of marriage
When: Monday Nights 7:00-8:00PM (August 19- December 2)
Where: Room A105
What: Building a Strong Godly Foundation

Cost: $75/Couple




Rediscover and deepen your connection with your spouse and God. Designed for marriages in every condition, re-engage offers a path towards healing and growth. Whether you're facing challeges in your relationship, seeking hope amidst difficulties, or simpy desiring to strengthen your marriage re-engage is for you.

Who: All Married Couples
When: Monday Nights 6:30-8:00PM (Aug 19- Dec 2)
Where: Room A104
What: Reconnect and Strengthen Your Marriage

Cost: $75.00/Couple